Safe housing project

Since januari 2015, the municipality of Maastricht is inspecting some 500 buildings that rent out rooms to students as part of the zoning plan and the fire safety plan. 

Why a Safe Housing Project?

In 2013, the team responsible for enforcing the Environmental Licensing Act (WABO) in the municipality of Maastricht noted that hundreds of new room rental properties have cropped up in the city since 2009. Many of the owners of these 500 new properties have failed to submit a fire safety permit with the municipality. Furthermore, some of these buildings may not adhere to the occupancy regulations outlined in the current zoning plan. 

What will happen?

With this in mind, the municipality started inspecting these properties on 5 January 2015. Each property will be visited by a municipal inspector who will assess the current condition if the building. Based on the findings, the municipality will take the necessary action for the following: 

  • Zoning plan: the zoning plan dictates whether room rentals are permitted in a certain area.
  • Fire safety permit: property owners who rent out five or more rooms are required to submit a fire safety permit declaring that the building meets the fire safety guidelines.
  • Actual fire safety: whether the property actually meets these guidelines.

Why is the municipality conducting these inspections? 

Occupant safety is the municipality's primary concern. In 2013, a significant increase was observed in the number of rental properties. With many of the owners failing to notify the municipality of their building's status, it is difficult to determine their level of safety. For this reason, it was decided to launch a thorough inspection of these buildings. 

I am a renter or property owner and want to know whether my building will be inspected. Who do I contact?

Send an e-mail to

I rent a room in one of the buildings the municipality plans to inspect. Will I be fined or penalized?

No. The property owner is solely responsible for ensuring the safety of the building. He or she will be fined for failing to cooperate and/or comply with the fire safety requirements. We do ask that all occupants use the building in a safe way to avoid any unnecessary risks. 

I rent a room in one of the buildings the municipality plans to inspect. Will I be evicted if the building is not up to code?

The municipality will not evict anyone. That being said, if the municipality encounters extremely dangerous situations, the property owner will be summoned to rectify the situation immediately. 

If the property still fails to meet the occupancy regulations in the zoning plan, the owner will be summoned to terminate this unlawful use within a reasonable time frame. 

I rent a room and would like to know what I can do to comply with the rules. Where can I find more information?

As a renter, you can make sure the property is used in a fire-safe manner. To find out how you can help, click on the link below to read the brochure 'Rentals and Fire Safety'.