Waste collection test: will you get involved?


Jekerkwartier Noord and Boschpoort will soon have a new waste collection system. Residents can now decide on the system they like best. If you live in one of these neighbourhoods, get involved! Together with local residents and the municipality, you can decide which system will be implemented in your area.

Maastricht aims to be entirely waste-free by 2030. We are currently looking for new ways to sort and collect waste. Your ideas, knowledge, and experience are important to us.

First in your neighbourhood, then in all of Maastricht

You can help us find the collection system that best suits the neighbourhood and generates the most raw materials. We will test the winning system in your area in 2017. The results of this test will help us decide on a new collection system for the whole municipality, to be implemented in 2019.


Four workshops have been organized for residents from October 2016 to January 2017. Residents of Jekerkwartier Noord and Boschpoort received an invitation to the residents' evening and the residents' panel.

If you are a resident of Maastricht but do not live in one of the selected neighbourhoods, you can still share your ideas with us. Send an e-mail to afvalloos@maastricht.nl

Neighbourhood selection

The neighbourhoods for the test were chosen on the basis of the buildings and occupants. We are looking for collection systems that suit the neighbourhood's character and the different types of homes located there. Convenience is of paramount importance in this regard. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sort and dispose of your waste at the time that suits you best.

Waste collection test in Boschpoort (high-rise): this is a high-rise neighbourhood and has less room for indoor and outdoor waste bins. However, the neighbourhood does have more public space than the centre of Maastricht, which means more room for waste containers.

Waste collection test in Boschpoort (low-rise): this is a low-rise neighbourhood, which is the most common type of neighbourhood in our city. The buildings in this area range from terraced houses to detached houses, and often have plenty of room for waste bins.

Waste collection test in Jekerkwartier Noord (north of the Jeker river): this neighbourhood is centrally located and has smaller houses, with little to no room for an indoor waste bin. This area also has little outdoor room for underground or above-ground waste containers.