Excellent entrepreneurship rewarded during Maastricht Awards

On 29 November, the Maastricht Awards 2018 will be presented. The seventh edition of this award includes three categories: the Rabo Made in Maastricht Award, the Immens CSR Award Maastricht-Heuvelland, and newly added category Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award.

‘Enterprising students make a significant contribution to innovative and practically-oriented solutions,’ says Vivianne Heijnen, executive councillor for economics. ‘Some students excel at entrepreneurship long before they graduate. Uncovering and encouraging this talent and linking it to the city of Maastricht is in line with what the Maastricht Awards represent.’ The award is a collaboration of the city of Maastricht with Maastricht University, Zuyd Hogeschool, Leeuwenborgh, and Arcus.

The nominees for the Made in Maastricht Award are: Goal 043, Innovatest, and Vectioneer. The nominees for the Maastricht Student Entrepreneur Award are: Anilove, Pieke Broodbier, and VR Peek a Boo/Medivrse. And the nominees for the Immens CSR Award Maastricht-Heuvelland are: Oostwegel Collection, Plus Starren, and Pretpark de Valkenier.


With the Maastricht Awards, the city expresses its appreciation for the many entrepreneurs that choose Maastricht as their place of business or who are studying or have studied at a Maastricht educational institute in 2018. The Maastricht Awards focus on distinctive entrepreneurship and place excellent entrepreneurs in the spotlight. The event is made possible with funding from main partner Rabobank Maastricht.


Expert and independent judges will decide who deserves the awards. They will take into account the importance of a company for the greater Maastricht area, (growth of) employment, the entrepreneur's level of ambition, innovation, willingness to invest, distinctiveness, customer service, and personnel policy. The public will be able to take part in live voting for the Immens CSR Award Maastricht-Heuvelland. The Maastricht Awards will be presented at Dormio Resorts Maastricht.