Limburg Leads: match with entrepreneurs in the Euregio

A new Euroregional business event is taking place at the Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre (MECC) on 15-16 May 2019 : Limburg Leads. The aim of Limburg Leads is to bring entrepreneurs together so as to make new connections possible and to share knowledge about current topics. 

The event is being organised by MECC Maastricht, LIOF, MKB Limburg, LWV, the Province of Limburg, WijLimburg, and Brightlands. According to the organisers, it’s precisely in this digital age that face-to-face meetings between the right people are still essential. To get in touch with the relevant people faster and more efficiently during the event, Limburg Leads is offering participants and exhibitors an innovative matchmaking tool. Based on the profile they have filled in and social networks, the app calculates who the most relevant entrepreneurs or directors and visitors are at the fair and puts them in touch with one another.

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