Pilot for tourist home letting

Anyone wishing to let out (part of) their home to tourists, for example via Airbnb, is currently permitted to so do but for not more than 60 days a year. And you are not allowed to offer accommodation to groups of more than six people. The city council has now agreed to a two-year pilot scheme based on these rules.

During the course of the spring, the municipality will be publishing the precise conditions for participating in the trial. In two years’ time, the pilot scheme will be evaluated and a definitive policy adopted. Anyone wishing to let out their home must register with the city council.

Hotel policy

As concerns the policy for regular hotels, Maastricht is looking to innovate. Only those initiatives that are partially aimed at opening up new tourist markets will be admitted. The evaluation of the policy for 2018 concluded that it is performing well. Maastricht offers a lively and varied range of hotels, and demand for hotel rooms has outgrown supply. As a result, with a number of additions, the existing hotel policy will be continued. The most important news is that the market space for hotel rooms will be mapped out every two years. All new hotel initiatives will be assessed according to the available market space.