Sessions ‘Down to work with Owners’ Associations in Maastricht’ for construction companies on 8 and 14 February

For owners of flats and apartments, making their home more sustainable is often more of a challenge than for home owners. We in Maastricht are hoping to offer assistance. Together with other owners in the apartment complex, flat owners usually form an Owners’ Association (VvE – Vereniging van Eigenaren). To serve this market, a special digital counter was recently launched. Part of that counter is a building section, and that is where your construction or installation company or architects firm comes in. We wish to offer your business a shop window at the digital counter, so that Owners’ Associations can easily find the services you offer. That in turn will offer new and attractive opportunities for your business. We plan to explain all the details during 2 sessions on 8 and 14 February. If you are interested, please register via

The breakfast session will be held on Friday 8 February 2019 between 8.00 AM and 09.30 AM at the Enexis Huis Limburg in Maastricht (President Rooseveltlaan 217-219).

The evening session will be held on Thursday 14 February 2019 between 6.00 PM and 8.00 PM at the Enexis Huis Limburg in Maastricht (President Rooseveltlaan 217-219). There will be soup and sandwiches.

This project was made possible with support of Interreg NWE ACE.