Tell us what you think of the business climate in Maastricht

What’s the climate like for doing business in Maastricht? What can be improved? Tell us what you think by filling in the questionnaire that you’ll receive this week by letter or e mail. 

This week, all Maastricht’s 10,000 or so businesses will receive a questionnaire about the city’s business climate. The topics it covers include municipal services, the business environment, the relationship between businesses and their surroundings, and local levies and regulations.

The municipality conducted a similar survey in 2015, which revealed that businesses were satisfied mainly with Maastricht’s accessibility, safety, and quality of life. They thought there was room for improvement in the regulations, communication, and the Business Contact Centre. Much has been done to improve those aspects. In recent years the municipality has tried to simplify and streamline the regulations, make it easier to find things on the website, and improve the services provided by the Business Contact Centre and raise its profile. 

The municipality receives information about its services in other ways too, for example through visits to companies and regular contact with individual companies and business park associations. The new survey is intended to provide an even more complete picture of the city’s business climate. 
You can fill in the questionnaire (digitally) until 15 April 2019. Initial results are expected to become available in May. Based on the answers, the municipality will look at how the business climate can be further improved. 

The same survey is being carried out simultaneously by the municipalities of Sittard-Geleen and Heerlen.

To the survey

You can complete the online survey: If you didn't get a code or if you lost your code, you can send an e-mail to or call 14 043.