Green light for JRS DUbgarage: a business for car lovers

Cars are more than just a means of transport or a business model. Cars are a passion. Joey Ribbens (37) of JRS Dubgarage understands that passion. His work involves more than replacing old parts for new: he ensures that classic cars retain their identity while still making use of the latest engineering developments. Car lovers from well beyond the borders of Limburg find their way to his business on the Fregatweg.

Since the age of eighteen, Joey has always enjoyed tinkering with cars. What started with installing an engine in his own Volkswagen Corrado as a hobby has grown to become the company JRS Dubgarage. Volkswagens – known to their drivers as ‘dubbers’ – remain his top priority. JRS Dubgarage is not the kind of garage where the customers visit for a quick fix for problems with their cars. It is a place where car lovers can fulfil their personal dreams. “My customers prefer older cars but they still want to benefit from the latest engineering developments: a new car in an old body. We beautify everything, even the engine. And that calls for a considerable degree of creativity.” His craftsmanship has not gone unnoticed: the car magazines that Joey used to buy at the age of eighteen now feature his projects on their covers. They are displayed with pride in the garage.

Always at work on attractive projects

The fact that JRS Dubgarage is a passion-based project is reflected in the working methods. JRS sets the bar high and seeks solutions to issues that customers encounter when their cars need restoration. “We start at around 9 o’clock, but have no fixed timetable. With the help of friends and the enjoyment of a cup of coffee we work wherever we can: if we have to wait for parts for one car, we simply move on to the next. Projects are constantly expanding. Customers who visit us for one modification see what JRS has to offer, and some of them then opt for a complete restoration!”

Cars with names and personalities

Joey emphasises that his passion for cars comes first, not the money. He is willing to go that extra mile, for every car. “I prefer to leave a car waiting longer in the workshop rather than returning it to the owner only to realise there are so many more things I could have done. If I finish a car on Monday and I’m still happy with it on Friday, then it is truly ready to leave the shop. Joey’s target audience consists of a select group of car fanatics, who are more than happy to pay a little extra for their most important possession. These are car owners who even give their pride and joy a name. “That one is called Mr. Red and that one over there Charlie,” pointed Joey.

Topflight location

JRS Dubgarage started years ago in Gronsveld. Not only did the business outgrow its premises; the premises themselves also caused Joey considerable headaches. To take JRS to the next level, he moved to Beatrixhaven, last March. Here the business has plenty of space, is more visible, and has access to better facilities. “By choosing this new location, I have shown the world that I am willing to put in the extra effort,” said Joey. Joey has no trouble finding a customer base in Maastricht. His existing customers know about the new location and he has enough work to not need to actively go in search of new clients.

Support with questions on zoning plan rules

One headache for Joey was whether his business fitted in with the local zoning plan regulations. His landlord suggested that he seek help from the Maastricht Business Contact Centre, and that was precisely the help Joey needed. The Business Contact Centre examined the possibilities and it soon became clear that Joey’s planned business activities fitted in with the local zoning plan rules. There were no problems for setting up his business at this location. In other words, Joey has been given the green light to continue doing what he does best: personalising good-looking cars to the highest level of engineering perfection, to meet the wishes of delighted owners.

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