Frequently asked questions residential survey 2018

What will happen to the results?

Based on the results, the Municipality of Maastricht will assess whether our plans and projects are on the right track. For example, the previous survey showed that residents of Caberg thought that quality of life in their neighbourhood had significantly decreased, whereas residents of Boschstraatkwartier and Brusselsepoort thought that their quality of life had improved. We use this information to decide whether specific subjects in your neighbourhood require extra focus on our part.

Where to find the results

The results of the residential survey will be published on (only available in Dutch). You can check this to see whether Maastricht residents think the city is improving. You can also compare your neighbourhood to the entire city.

What about my privacy?

As your privacy is important to us, we handle your data with care in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information on how we handle personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy. 

Why are you asking questions about my health?

Good health is an important condition for enjoying life. That is why we devote great attention to health care and the prevention of health issues in Maastricht. For this, we need your input. We can use the information we gain from this questionnaire to draw up targeted plans.

More information

Feel free to contact us via telephone number 14043 (within the Netherlands). Or send an email to We would be happy to help.

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