Four new partners in Customer Service Valley

VGZ, DHL EFSS, Obvion and Rabobank have joined Customer Service Valley (CSV), the project where the public, private and educational sectors come together to boost South Limburg’s standing as a customer service region. The arrival of the newcomers proves that CSV just keeps growing into its role as a platform for all employers in South Limburg who deal with customer contact.

customer service valley

Sjors de Visser, director of customer care for VodafoneZiggo and chairman of Customer Service Valley, is very happy with the four new partners: ‘This brings us unprecedented opportunities. A broader base means that we can be even more effective in so many areas, like recruitment, education and training, knowledge-sharing and intersectoral mobility. It is also confirmation that cooperation in our sector is essential for meeting the increasing demand for qualified customer contact personnel.’

In and around Maastricht there are some thirty companies active with a customer contact centre. This represents around 6000 jobs, over 2000 of which in Customer Service Valley. CSV is a three-year project that is now bearing fruit. Over the past two years, the partnership has invested in things like education and training, knowledge-sharing, innovation and raising the professional level of the field.

Customer Service Valley is the first partnership of its kind, and unique in customer service. By sharing, looking ahead, learning and creating, the participants have achieved inspiring results that are bound to put South Limburg on the map as a customer service region. To take just one example, the teaching organisations Arcus, ROC Leeuwenborgh and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences have now trained 40 agents and introduced the image campaign ‘Customer service is a calling’. And CSV is proud to be able to say that it is also putting the long-term unemployed to work.