Free WiFi in Maastricht city centre

As the first step in Maastricht’s development into Smart City, this autumn the city centre will be getting its own public WiFi network. Making this happen was a joint effort between VodafoneZiggo, City Centre Management Maastricht (Centrummanagement Maastricht), the municipality of Maastricht, Maastricht University, MECC and SOM (Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Overnachtingen Maastricht). The ongoing process of going online in Maastricht is part of making sure that the city stays attractive for residents, visitors and businesses.

The public WiFi network will become a reality when enough businesses take out an internet contract with Ziggo. Work on the technical infrastructure is expected to start soon. The public WiFi network is the first move in the Smart City project, which ultimately will see all services and facilities accessible to residents, visitors and businesses in Maastrict via a single app. Everything, from relevant data on a dashboard, to augmented reality, to dynamic traffic information telling you the best way into the city right now, will all be at your fingertips.

Frank Mimpen, CCO for exhibition centre MECC Maastricht, is thrilled about the partnership. ‘From the first discussions about free WiFi in the city centre of Maastrict, MECC has been an enthusiastic ambassador of this initiative,’ he says. ‘Free WiFi will make the city even more attractive for tourism. MECC Maastricht Is focusing primarily on business tourism, by bringing international conferences to the city. That’s a competitive market, and the attractiveness of the city in terms of facilities and services makes the difference. An open WiFi network will be an extension of our famous Maastricht hospitality and put us in a better position to draw more conferences to Maastricht.’