Maastricht: meet the entrepreneur

Executive Councillor for Economic Affairs John Aarts

Maastricht has been an enterprising city for 2000 years. A city of manufacturers and researchers. A city overflowing with quality and innovation. Led by more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, full or daring and creativity, working every day on the Maastricht of tomorrow.

In this newsletter of the Business Contact Point Maastricht, you will meet several of these entrepreneurs. You can read in interviews who they are and how they do business.

You will also meet the staff of the Business Contact Point, the central contact point for entrepreneurs in Maastricht. The Business Contact Point helps you to find your way free of charge through the rules and regulations and offers constructive advice regarding your business plans.

In Meet the entrepreneur, we inform you at least six times a year about the development of the Maastricht economy and you can meet Maastricht entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition!

John Aarts

Executive Councillor for Economic Affairs