Meet Vivianne Heijnen, Executive Councillor for Economy and Labour Market

Vivianne Heijnen was sworn in as Maastricht’s new Executive Councillor for Economy and Labour Market on 18 June 2018. She is also responsible for Housing, Regionalisation/Euroregionalisation, Permits and Social Innovation.

Vivianne Heijnen

Euroregional agenda

“I’m very honoured to serve this wonderful city as an executive councillor,” says Heijnen. “Maastricht’s economy is flourishing. The unemployment rate has fallen to a record low, and that’s precisely where we want to keep it. That’s why we’ll be doing everything possible to reduce border effects and arrange good cross-border transport and international facilities. We’re also developing a joint agenda with the Euroregion.”

Encouraging entrepreneurship

The new municipal government’s coalition agreement includes incentives for the creative industry, the circular economy and business tourism. “They’re meant to promote the broad economic basis that Maastricht has always had. We’ll be supporting our strong small and medium-sized enterprise sector through the South Limburg Economic Alliance (ESZL). And we’ll also encourage new entrepreneurs by creating an attractive business location climate for start-ups and incubators.”

Working with Maastricht’s business community

“In all these efforts, cooperation between government, entrepreneurs and educational institutions is indispensable. We’re only one of the parties in a larger network. The municipality doesn’t create jobs – businesses do. We facilitate, connect and create the right conditions for a constructive business climate,” says Heijnen. “As the executive councillor for economy, I will do my utmost in that regard. I’m looking forward to working with Maastricht’s business community.”

About Vivianne Heijnen

Vivianne Heijnen (35) served as a municipal councillor for the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) from 2010 to 2018. From 2011 onwards she was also the chair of the CDA group. After graduating in European Studies and European Public Affairs from Maastricht University, she took a job in Brussels with ABP pension fund. She subsequently became the head of Maastricht University’s campus in Brussels.