New activity in the Beatrixhaven

Arjan Hage, director of Walker International Transport (WIT) and the recently established Maastricht Logistic Services B.V. (MLS) scoured the whole of South Limburg in his search for a suitable business location. His quest led him to the Beatrixhaven. The business park emerged as the ideal base of operations for a logistics, transport and handling company, thanks to its close proximity to several airports and the largest barge terminal in the Netherlands.

Board with names of businesses

Until recently, the transport company Walker SCM, with its roots in America, had branches both at Schiphol and Maastricht Aachen Airport. When they were forced to move out, Arjan Hage went in search of a new location with 2000 to 3000 m² of space. “The premises we have now moved into are in fact 7000 m²,” explained Arjen with a grin. “Despite the fact that a great deal of work had to be carried out to make the building usable and presentable, we still opted for this location.”

Walker International Transport is a subsidiary of Walker SCM, which has more than 25 years’ experience in transport and logistics. The company specialises in every aspect of international dispatch and delivery. WIT in the Netherlands now has a staff of around 25, while MLS employs around 10 people. “MLS own the building; WIT is one of their customers,” explained Arjan. “MLS provides neutral handling services to forwarders, airfreight master loaders, truckers and airlines.”

The work at both companies is heavily focused on airfreight. This is clearly visible in the large warehouse, where staff are hard at work preparing enormous packages that can be fitted precisely into the aircraft for which they are intended. Arjan continued, “We have invested heavily in satisfying the strictest safety standards and all the requirements imposed on international goods transport.”

In truth, the company has already outgrown the premises in Beatrixhaven. “But we will not be moving. The work volume means that in the summer we will have staff at work 24/7, and that is good for the neighbourhood, too; other businesses are delighted with the boost that the arrival of our businesses has generated.”

The Municipality of Maastricht is also delighted with the arrival of WIT and MLS. Executive councillor John Aarts spoke of ‘ambitious growth opportunities’ and described the companies as ‘a valuable new asset for our city and the existing commercial activities in the Beatrixhaven area.’