Quiet Maastricht seeking help from businesses

Afbeelding Quiet Maastricht

In 2017, Maastricht followed Tilburg and other cities in launching Quiet Community Maastricht. But this foundation can only do its work with the help of local businesses. 

The foundation Quiet Community Maastricht is dedicated to helping people (the foundation refers to them as ‘members’) in poverty and isolation by offering them some of the things that they normally wouldn’t be able to pay for: like a second-hand bicycle, a dinner out, a haircut, or even tickets to a show or a match. Quiet also works to help its members discover or rediscover their talents and to engage them for the community, for example as volunteers.

Quiet Community Maastricht wants to help as many people as possible, and so is constantly on the lookout for local sponsors. If you are a business that can help, please visit quiet.nl/maastricht for more information.