Parking permit for foreign students

Are you studying at Maastricht University or Zuyd University from abroad? If you drive to and from your foreign residence to Maastricht several days a week for your studies, you can obtain a parking permit for foreign students. The registration number of the car you drive to Maastricht in must be in the name of someone from your household.

Applying for a student parking permit

A parking permit for foreign students allows you to park at a low rate. Your student parking permit comes with detailed information on where and when you are allowed to park.

You can only apply for the student parking permit by appointment at the Municipal Counter. Call 14 043 (or +31 43 350 40 40 from abroad) to make an appointment.

If the application is approved, you pay the permit fee immediately at the Municipal Counter. Your permit is then valid immediately.

Bring to the appointment:

  • your personal proof of registration of your place of residence abroad plus a statement of which persons are registered at this address
  • the proof of registration for your course (for the coming school year)
  • a copy of the vehicle registration certificate in the name of someone living at the same address


If you have any further questions or need more information, please send an e-mail to parkeren [at]

  • With your e-mail address, you can create an account in 2Park (the web app of our new Parking Registration System). Through 2Park, you can manage your permit online yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    You can change your license plate temporarily or permanently via your account. 

    • You are a student at Maastricht University or Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and live abroad.
    • You are not registered as a resident of the municipality of Maastricht.
    • You drive up and down to your foreign residential address several days a week.
    • You drive a car whose licence plate is registered in the name of someone from your household.
    • The permit is personal and not transferable to someone else.
    • You must provide one (1) licence plate that is registered at your address abroad. The permit is valid for 1 of the 3 applicable parking zones: Brusselsepoort, Mariaberg and Villapark-St.Pieter-Jekerdal.
    • The permit is valid from 1 September to 1 August and you must reapply annually.
    • The permit is valid during pay times in the parking zone.
    • You may not park your car in these zones between 6pm and 8am and from Thursday to Friday between 9pm and 8am.
    • You can cancel the permit mid-term. Only whole calendar months of the amount you paid will be refunded. Fees are never returned. If you move to the Netherlands, you must cancel the permit.
  • Do you have any questions about the parking permit for foreign students? Send an e-mail to parkeren [at]