Logo municipality of Maastricht

The logo of the Municipality of Maastricht consists of a logo and a word mark: the angel of Maastricht with the addition 'Gemeente Maastricht' (Municipality of Maastricht). 


Are you commissioned by or together with the municipality of Maastricht and do you need the logo? Download the right file. There are a number of variants of the logo of the Municipality of Maastricht. Which variant is used depends on the medium. Use the regular logo if the background of the carrier is white.


It is not permitted to use the logo (or parts of it, such as the Angel) for your own logo. You are also not allowed to edit the logo (for example: rotate, centre, add shadow, narrow, widen, adjust ratio). All variants of the logos of the Municipality of Maastricht are subject to trademark rights. The municipality actively takes action against improper use of the logo.


Doubts about the correct use or do you need another file? Please let us know via 14 043. And ask for one of our graphic designers. We are happy to help.