Contact and opening hours

The MosaeForum municipal office is open Monday to Friday during office hours. You can collect your driver's license, passport or identity card without an appointment. For all other services, please book an appointment first.

Collecting your driving licence or Dutch travel document

You do not need an appointment to collect your driver's license, passport, or identity card at the times listed below. Requests for other services can often be made online. See the "Self service" section on this page or use the search bar on this website for more information.

  • Monday: 8.30 - 16.30
  • Tuesday: 8.30 - 16.30
  • Wednesday: 8.30 - 16.30
  • Thursday: 08.30 - 19.00
  • Friday: 08.30 - 16.30

Municipal office closures

The GemeenteLoket (municipal service desk) is closed on public holidays and some other days. Please refer to the "Special opening hours and public holidays" dropdown at the bottom of this page for more details.

Booking an appointment

Need to book an appointment? Please call 14 043 (press 1 for English). You cannot visit the gemeente (municipality) without an appointment.

Self service

The municipality has the following self service options:

Expat Centre Maastricht Region offers advice, services and guidance for expats and international organisations.

If you need further assistance, please contact the municipality by phone on 14 043 or +31 43 350 4040 from outside the Netherlands.

Students, please note

We kindly ask that you do not contact the municipality to ask about the status of your registration (residence in Maastricht). Processing your registration request may take up to 5 weeks. You will be notified automatically.

Please do not submit a new registration form. Sending another form will only delay the process.

Contact details

Feel free to contact us if you can't find the answer to your question on this website or if you would like to report something.
Call 14 043
Press 1 for English
Calling from abroad: +31 43 350 4040.
Contact form
You will receive a response by email
We aim to reply to your emails within 2 weeks.
Mosae Forum - gebouw

Municipal service desk

Visit us at:
GemeenteLoket (municipal service desk)
Mosae Forum 10
6211 DW Maastricht
Directions on Google Maps

Foto Sociale Zaken gebouw Randwycksingel

Social Affairs

Find out what the Social Affairs department of Maastricht Heuvelland can do for you on their website: Sociale Zaken Maastricht Heuvelland – SZMH (available in Dutch only).

    • 9 and 10 May 2024 - Hemelvaartdag (Ascension Day) and extra day off: closed 
    • 20 May 2024 - Tweede Pinksterdag (Whit Monday): closed 
    • 25, 26 and 27 December 2024 - Kerstmis (Christmas), boxing day and extra day off: closed
  • Our buildings are wheelchairs accessible. Assistance dogs are welcome. Regular toilets and a disabled toilet are available.

    Need help? Please approach the reception desk.

  • You are most welcome in our buildings. We have a few rules to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

    • We record video and/or audio for your safety and ours. By entering, you agree to this.
    • Follow the instructions of staff and security.
    • Assistance dogs are welcome, other animals are not.
    • Keep doors and passageways clear.
    • No smoking.
    • No drugs or alcohol.
    • No weapons.
    • Keep phone calls quiet.
    • Dispose of rubbish in bins.
    • Ask permission before taking photos, videos, or audio recordings.
    • Ask permission before advertising, distributing propaganda, collecting donations or soliciting.
    • No face-covering attire like full helmets, ski masks, burqas or niqabs.
    • Do not be provocative, threatening, offensive, discriminatory, intimidating or otherwise disruptive. We say no to violence and vandalism.

    We kindly ask that you follow these rules. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave or being removed from the building. We may report to the police if necessary.

  • Want to send us something by post? Please send it to:

    PO Box 1992
    6201 BZ Maastricht

  • Debit card is the preferred method of payment at the GemeenteLoket (municipal service desk).

  • We aim to provide the best possible service. Our service standards let you know what to expect from us.

    When you call our general number 

    You will usually speak to a staff member within 20 seconds. We will try to answer your question immediately. If we can't, we will call you back by the next day.

    When you visit our offices

    If you have an appointment, we will assist you within 5 minutes. 

    When you send an e-mail 

    You will receive an automatic confirmation of your email. We will respond as quickly as possible and within 2 weeks. If we can't answer your question immediately, we will let you know which department is handling your e-mail and when you can expect a response.

    When you send a letter 

    We respond to letters as quickly as possible and no later than four weeks. If a different processing time applies, such as for an objection, we will let you know.

    Faster service

    You get faster service if: 

    • you request our services online (when possible) 
    • you have the required documents. 

    Our approach 

    • We assist you in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.
    • We provide complete and accurate information. We are happy to explain how things work and why.
    • We protect your privacy. Personal information is kept confidential and used only for intended purposes.
    • We communicate in clear, understandable language.
    • We welcome your ideas and tips for doing better next time.
  • Our press department is the first port of call for media enquiries. You can contact the press department by calling 043 - 350 42 00 or by sending an e-mail to pers [at] (pers[at]maastricht[dot]nl).