Moving within or to Maastricht

You are going to move house. You already live in Maastricht and are moving within the city. Or you are moving to Maastricht from another Dutch municipality. Notify us of your move online, free of charge. From 4 weeks before and no later than 5 days after the move.

Reporting a change of address

Within or to Maastricht

Stay on this page. You can pass on your move online with DigiD. Are you moving to Maastricht from another Dutch municipality? Then you will automatically be deregistered there.

Moving to another municipality in the Netherlands

Please inform the municipality where you are moving of your relocation. You will automatically be deregistered from the municipality where you come from.

Moving abroad

You are moving abroad from Maastricht. Please read our page Moving abroad to find out what you need to arrange and inform us of your emigration.

Moving to Maastricht from abroad

You are moving to Maastricht from abroad. Go to our page Moving from abroad.

When to register your move?

You can report your move free of charge.

  • Do this from 4 weeks before and no later than 5 days after the move. 
  • The date you indicate on the form as the date of moving is considered to be the date of relocation. 
  • Are you reporting the move after 5 days? Then the declaration date will be recorded as the removal date. 
  • Are you reporting a date in the future? Please note that processing will not start before that day.

Failure to report a move using DigiD?

Sometimes, reporting your move online with DigiD fails. For example, because there is a code at the new address. You can then report your move without DigiD (see drop-down menu at the bottom of this page). 


  • Providing notification of a move can be done by:

    • yourself, when you are at least 16 years old
    • co-habiting spouses / registered partners on behalf of each other (only if they move to the new address together)
    • a parent, guardian or carer for minor children
    • co-habiting parents and adult children on behalf of each other (only if they move to the new address together)
    • the trustee for a person who has been put under supervision
    • an adult with your written authorisation
  • Do you think someone is incorrectly registered to your address? Ask us to conduct an address investigation. Institutions can also request an address investigation.

  • The municipality will pass on your change of address to several authorities connected to the Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen - BRP). For example, the Tax Office, Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and Education Executive Agency (DUO). For more information visit

    At you'll read more about who has or does not have access to your data. 

  • Do you have a parking permit? If so, you must cancel the permit and possibly apply for a new parking permit. Even if you move within your current parking sector. The application will be reviewed again.

    You can cancel your parking permit up to 7 days prior to moving.

  • Do you have a dog and will you move to another municipality? Then your dog tax might change. You have to notify the Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen (BsGW). 

    If you relocate within Maastricht, then your dog tax will not change. You do not have to notify BsGW.

  • For quick processing of your new address, it is best to submit your move online. Applying for DigiD is free of charge.

    Notifying a change of address without DigiD

    Without DigiD, you can only notify us by e-mail or post.

    • Download the correct declaration form below, fill it in and sign it. 
      Moving within or to Maastricht from another Dutch municipality
    • Make a copy of your valid identity document. 
    • Are you moving to rented accommodation? Then also make a copy of the full rental contract (signed by you and the landlord).
    • Mail the documents to post [at] or send them by post to:
      Gemeente Maastricht
      Postbus 1992
      6201 BZ Maastricht
    • You will receive confirmation of your move within 4 weeks of your stated move date. We will send the letter to your new address.