Digital signature

Government bodies such as municipalities work a lot with official documents. To make a decision, permit, proof or other document legally valid, a signature from one or more employees and sometimes from you is required. ValidSign is a guaranteed way to digitally sign. By signing digitally as much as possible with ValidSign, we also save time and avoid the hassle of photos or scans of handwritten signatures.

Why sign with ValidSign?

A digital signature is an electronic version of the handwritten signature. There are various types of digital signatures. The easiest way to digitally sign a document is with a scan or photo of a handwritten signature. A major disadvantage of such a simple digital signature is that it is not always possible to verify the identity of the signer. Therefore it is not safe (susceptible to fraud) and not legally valid.

For documents of the municipality, security and legal validity are a prerequisite. That is why we use ValidSign. By signing a document with ValidSign, the data of the signer are linked to an electronic proof of signature. A ValidSign signature makes it possible to identify someone and is therefore extra secure and legally valid.

How can I sign with ValidSign?

If we need your signature, we will send you an email inviting you to sign a document with ValidSign. We can only send the invitation to you if we have your email address. If we don't have that information, we'll ask you to provide it first.

The email we send you contains a link to ValidSign. You can download the document so that you can check it first. If all is well, you can sign in ValidSign in the signature field. If the signing is successful, you will get a confirmation. You will then receive an e-mail with which you can download the signed document.