Parking permit for residents

Gemeente Maastricht (the municipality of Maastricht) has switched to a more user-friendly parking registration system. All permits and dispensations for 2023 and beyond will run through the new system. You can apply for your 2023 permit via this page. 

Applying for a 2023 parking permit

Gemeente Maastricht will start using a new parking registration system on 7 December. You can apply for your 2023 permit online (with DigiD). After logging into the new parking registration system, you will automatically see which parking permit you are eligible for. You pay for your permit online in advance. You can choose to pay per year or per quarter. Your permit is valid immediately. 

Managing your 2023 parking permit(s)

You can modify, manage and cancel your new permit(s) and any exemptions yourself online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 1 January 2023 using the new parking registration system. 

Questions about parking?

Do you have questions about your parking permit? Call 14 043. We can be reached on working days from 8.30am to 4pm.

  • There are two parking sectors in Maastricht:

    • Sector Binnenstad (City Centre and Wyck)
    • Sector Overig gebied (Other areas)

    New residents of the sector Binnenstad (City Centre and Wyck) can apply for a maximum of one parking permit as of January 1, 2022 if no private parking space is available. In sector Overig gebied (Other areas), no second permit will be granted to new residents if private parking space is available. For residents who received a (second) permit before January 2022, nothing changes.

  • Don't have a DigiD? Then make an appointment at the Service Desk.  Call 14 043 to make an appointment.

  • You can temporarily change your license plate a maximum of 20 times per year in 2023. Each time, you can do so for a maximum of 14 days.

  • The conditions for a parking permit for residents are:

    • You are registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) of Maastricht.
    • You live in the area the parking permit applies to.
    • The registration number of your vehicle is registered in your name, to a lease company or to the company you work for.

    Have you just moved?

    And have you cancelled your parking permit in your former district? Then it will take an average five days to process your move in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). Once this is done, you can apply for a new parking permit for a different district.

    Second parking permit

    You may be eligible for a second parking permit if:

    • You live in sector Overig gebied (Other areas)
    • Your household consists of 2 adult persons or more
    • You don’t have private parking space
    • There is sufficient space in the district.
    • A limit has been set for second permits in sector Overig gebied (Other areas). Once this limit is reached a second permit is no longer possible
  • Within 8 weeks after receipt, the council will reach a decision on your application. This term can be extended once.

  • You can object to the decision on your application. You should do this within 6 weeks. If after this, you do not agree with the decision on the objection, you should appeal to the court.