Registration of foreign certificate or document

Are you registered with the municipality of Maastricht? And are you involved in an important event abroad? Such as a birth, marriage, divorce, death, recognition, or adoption? Then you must have the foreign certificate (source document) registered by us in the Personal Records Database (Basic Registration of Persons -BRP) The step-by-step plan below tells you how the registration of your foreign source documents works.

This page has been automatically translated. There may be inaccuracies or translation errors.

Step 1: Making a document valid for use in the Netherlands 

A foreign document is not automatically legally valid in the Netherlands. For use in the Netherlands, you often have to have your foreign certificate legalised first. The document is then made suitable for use in the Netherlands. Legalisation proves that an official authority has issued the document. Read more about legalisation and do the legalisation check on the website of NederlandWereldwijd.

Step 2: Having a document translated

Deed in Dutch, French, German or English

You no longer need to have the document translated. Usually, the deed is accepted for registration immediately. Only in case of doubt can the municipality ask for a translation.

Deed in a language other than Dutch, French, German or English

Has your foreign deed been drawn up in a language other than Dutch, French, German or English? If so, you must first have the deed translated by a translator who is sworn in the Netherlands. Look for a translator in the Register of sworn interpreters and translators.

Deed translated abroad?

Has the deed already been translated abroad? Then check the website of NederlandWereldwijd whether the translation also has to be legalised.

Foreign marriage certificate or registered partnership

To register a foreign marriage certificate or registered partnership where you or your partner are not from the EU, you need a declaration ex article 2.9 paragraph 1 BRP Act.

Step 3: Make an appointment for registration

Have you completed steps 1 and 2? Then make an appointment to hand in your source documents and read below which documents to bring with you to the Municipal Service Desk.

Bring along

  • valid identification
  • original foreign source documents, possibly with translation and legalisation
  • if necessary (in the case of a marriage certificate or registered partnership registration), the completed Declaration pursuant to Article 2.9(1) of the BRP Act.

Proof of receipt

Original documents from countries outside the EU must be submitted to us for assessment. You will receive a copy and a receipt. Keep the proof of receipt in a safe place. You will need it when you are allowed to collect the original documents again. 

    • The event must be legally valid in the country where it took place. This means the document has been prepared in accordance with local regulations and by a competent authority.
    • If the source document is false or forged, it will not be returned to you. We will then report the fraud or forgery to the police. The Public Prosecutor will then confiscate the source document.
  • Submitting foreign documents for registration is free of charge.

  • How long registration takes varies from case to case. It can take 4 to 12 weeks. If more research is needed, it may take longer.

  • The KopieID app allows you to make a secure copy of your identity document with your mobile phone or tablet. You can read more about it on

  • On you can see after the registration of your document whether it has been registered in the Personal Records Database (Basisregistratie Personen - BRP) and you can check whether we have registered the data correctly. 

  • Legalising foreign documents (central government information).