Waste calendar

The Milieu App provides you with your personal digital waste calendar. You can get notifications when it’s time to put out the waste. 

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The app can also help you locate the closest recycling points and provides additional information about recycling and disposal of trash. The information in the app is in English or Dutch, depending on the language settings of your mobile device. Or check the online waste calendar for your address. 

Translation of the Dutch waste calendar

Below you find the translation of the Dutch waste calendar. The waste collection calendar shows you when and where you can dispose of your waste. If you still have any questions about the waste calendar, please call on 14 043.

    • Organic waste and leftover food

    From the municipal organic waste container or bucket that contains a chip. You can put out a maximum of two containers or buckets per collection. Maximum weight 140 litres: 75 kg 60 litres 32 kg 25 litres 7 kg.

    • Bundled pruning wood

    If you have a garden, then you can put a maximum of two bundles of pruning wood and your organic waste out for collection. Bundle the pruning wood with a sisal or cotton string. Bundles can be up to 150 cm long with a diameter of up to 50 cm. Maximum weight allowance: 25 kg. You cannot put tree trunks out for collection. Instead, you can dispose of these at recycling centres.

    • Paper and cardboard

    Put these out for collection on the kerb before 8:00 AM in cardboard boxes or tied into bundles with sisal or cotton string. Only boxes or bundles up to a weight of 7 kilograms will be collected.

    • Residual waste

    In the red municipal residual waste bag. Securely tie the bag closed, so that it can be held at the top. Maximum weight allowance for big waste bags: 7 kg. Maximum weight allowance for small waste bags: 3.5 kg

    • Christmas tree

    Only Christmas trees without decorations, skirt, bucket, pot, or stand will be collected. Only Christmas trees that fit into living rooms will be collected.

    • Textiles

    Put textiles out for collection in the textile collection bag that you will be sent four times each year.

    • Bulky household waste

    Municipal Management (Stadsbeheer) will come and collect this for a fee.

    • What time do I need to put my waste out for collection?

    You can put your waste on the kerb in front of your home between 7:00 PM on the night before collection and 6:00 AM on collection day. Please note that if we collect waste from your address on a Tuesday evening, then you must put your waste out for collection between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Tuesday evening.

    • Where must I put my waste for collection?

    Put your container, bucket, or municipal residual waste bag on the kerb in front of your home, as close as possible to the road or on the designated collection area.

    • Recycling points

    You can dispose of plastic packaging, metal packaging, and drink cartons, paper and glass waste at recycling points between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

    • Recycling centres

    You can also take your waste to a recycling centre. Use the Milieu App or visit www.besteuitafval.nl (only available in Dutch) to find an overview of recycling centre locations and rates. Many types of waste can be disposed of at these locations for free.

    • Kringloop Zuid second-hand shop

    Take goods that are still usable or that can still be sold to the Kringloop Zuid second-hand shop. The second-hand shop also collects such goods.