Waste calendar

The Milieu App provides you with your personal digital waste calendar. You can get notifications when it’s time to put out the waste.

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The app can also help you locate the closest recycling points and provides additional information about recycling and disposal of trash. The information in the app is in English or Dutch, depending on the language settings of your mobile device. Or check the online waste calendar for your address. 

Subjects explained

Below you find all the subjects in the waste calender explained. 

  • Waste calander

    In this waste collection calendar you can find out when and where you, as a resident of Maastricht, can dispose of your waste. If you still have questions after reading this waste collection calendar, please download the Milieu App. The app is both in English and Dutch.

  • Zero-waste 2030

    Maastricht is aiming to be a zero-waste city by 2030 – a city in which all household waste will be recycled and reused. We're well on our way to achieving this goal. We already sort 74% of our waste, and each of us only produces 110 kilograms of residual waste a year.

  • Milieu App

    From now on, you can consult your personal waste collection calendar in the Milieu App. You can also use it to view the handy waste sorting guide and activate your digital environment card (milieupas). You will also receive a notification of when you can put out your waste. If you would like to receive these notifications you will need to accept push notifications from the app.

  • Rules for sorting household waste

    Household waste primarily consists of valuable resources such as paper, glass, plastic, metal, organic kitchen and garden waste, and pruning waste. Any other waste is considered ‘residual waste’. You can dispose of this residual waste in the special red and white municipal household refuse bags. You can consult the rules for sorting household waste in the Milieu App or on www.besteuitafval.nl

  • Recycling points

    Every neighbourhood has a recycling point with containers for the disposal of paper, glass, and PMD waste (plastic packaging, metallic packaging, and drink cartons). Open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • Recycling centres

    You can dispose of your waste at the recycling centres in Maastricht, Meerssen, and Valkenburg aan de Geul. You can now also go to the recycling centres in Brunssum, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Margraten, Rijckholt, and Vaals. For more information visit www.besteuitafval.nl. Here you'll also find information about the prices, locations, conditions for acceptance, and the rules of the recycling centres.

  • Rules for putting out waste for door-to-door collections

    Municipal residual waste bag/organic kitchen and garden waste bucket

    • Use the tie to close the residual waste bag and close the organic waste container when you put it out.
    • Place your waste on the kerb in front of your house or at the appointed waste collection area for your address by no later than 6:00 AM on the days of collection as indicated in your waste calendar. You can put your refuse out for collection from 7:00 PM on the evening before collection day.
    • Maximum weight allowance for residual waste bags: 7 kg (50 litres) and 3.5 kg (25 litres).
    • Please do not put out more than two closed containers (140 litres) or a closed bucket at a time. 
    • Containers that have been overfilled, are too heavy, or contain incorrect waste will not be emptied.
    • Once emptied, remove the container/bucket from the kerb by the end of the collection day at the latest.


    • Put out paper or cardboard no later than 8:00 AM in boxes or bundles weighing a maximum of seven kilograms.
    • Please do not put soiled paper outside for collection.

    Christmas trees

    Only Christmas trees without decorations, skirt, bucket, pot, or stand will be collected. We will only collect trees that have a diameter of up to ten centimetres.