Results of the 2023 water authority elections

The provincial council and water authority elections took place on 15th March 2023. You will find the results of the water authority elections on this page. The results of the provincial council elections can be found here.

The gemeente (municipality) is responsible for the organisation of the water authority elections for Maastricht.

Results: municipal electoral board (central count) – water authority elections

View the report of the municipal elecotral board (central count) – water authority elections.

Votes by polling station, party and candidate

You can view the comprehensive list of the votes cast in Maastricht during the Limburg water authority elections, including the number of votes received by each party and candidate, as well as the polling station where they were cast.

The file is in .csv format. Simply download and open it if you are using a Mac, iMac or MacBook.

Report on control protocol

You can find the report on the control protocol of Maastricht as the municipal electoral board here. The checks were carried out at the request of Kiesraad.  Learn more about the new national control methods (in Dutch only).