Parking permit (temporary)

In some areas, you can only park for a fee or with a parking permit. Sometimes you may want to park in such an area temporarily. For example, if you work for a contractor who is working on a construction project in the permit area, or because you are moving house. You can then apply for a temporary parking permit.

Apply for

Do you need a temporary parking permit for your business? Then you can apply for it online. Would you first like more information about the temporary parking permit? Or do you not need the permit for your company but for yourself? Then make an appointment at the Municipal Desk.

If you apply online for a temporary parking permit, it takes at least 5 working days before you receive the parking permit by mail. So apply for your permit in time!


If you have any questions or need an emergency waiver, you can also come to the City Counter during office hours. This can be done during opening hours.

  • Do you want to park temporarily in a place where parking is prohibited? Then you can apply for an exemption. For example, when you move to a pedestrian zone and want to load and unload.

  • Tariffs 2021


    • One day is € 16.50
    • Three weeks is € 220.00

    B zone:

    • One day is € 8.25
    • Three weeks is € 110.00
  • The municipality will make a decision on your application within 8 weeks.