Parking permit (temporary)

In some areas, you can only park for a fee or with a parking permit. Sometimes you may want to park in such an area temporarily. For example, if you work for a contractor who is working on a construction project in the permit area, or because you are moving house. You can then apply for a temporary parking permit.

For your work

Do you need a temporary parking permit for your business? For example, because you are temporarily working on a construction project in a permit area? Then apply for the temporary parking permit  by e-mail. 

Please send your request to gemeenteloketvergunnen [at] and include the information below in your message: 

  • Your full name and address
  • The location where the work will take place
  • Reason you need this permit/exemption
  • The period you need the permit/exemption
  • The registration number of the vehicle

Please note: it takes at least 5 working days before you receive the permit by post. So apply for your permit on time.

For yourself

You cannot simply apply for a temporary parking permit for yourself. This is only possible in exceptional situations. For example, if you are moving house or need to load or unload heavy items such as furniture. Make an appointment at the City Counter. We will then see whether you qualify for a permit and where you can park temporarily. If you want to make sure first that a permit is possible, please contact us in advance. 


If you have any questions or need an emergency waiver, you can also come to the City Counter during office hours. This can be done during opening hours.

  • You can apply for a temporary parking permit for up to 3 weeks. If necessary, you can extend the permit. 

  • The cost of a temporary parking permit can be found on our Parking Rates page.