Parking permit (temporary)

If you need to park in a paid area temporarily, for example because you work there, you can apply for a (temporary) parking permit. With this permit you can park in the area during a certain period.


You can apply for a temporary parking permit using a form. You'll need the car's valid registration certificate. You also need to report:

  • where you wish to park temporarily
  • why you need to park there
  • when and what time you wish to park there
  • Terms

    • we will check if the vehicle is needed for the project
    • there is a maximum number of temporary parking permits per location
    • the permit is only valid in the street that is mentioned in the permit
    • you must park in the parking areas
  • Costs

    A temporary parking permit for an A zone is € 15 for every 24 hours or € 200 for 3 weeks (2017 rate).

    The neighbourhoods Boschstraatkwartier, Binnenstad, Kommelkwartier, Wyck West, Wyck Oost, Sint Maartenspoort Zuid, Duitsepoort Noord, Heugemerweg Noord, Céramique, Statenkwartier en Jekerkwartier Zuid are A zones.

    A temporary parking permit for a B zone is € 7,50 for every 24 hours or € 100 for 3 weeks (2017 rate).

    The neighbourhoods Biesland, Brusselsepoort, Heugemerveld, Mariaberg, Randwyck, Scharn, Sint Maartenspoort Noord, Villapark-Sint Pieter-Jekerdal, Wittevrouweveld en Wyckerpoort are B zones.