Notice of intended marriage

Have you decided to get married? Give notice of your intended marriage at least 14 days* before your marriage (a notice of intended marriage is valid for up to 12 months). We will then check whether you are allowed to get married. 

Wedding packages

Various wedding packages  are available if you are getting married in Maastricht. The package you choose dictates…

  • …how long the ceremony will take
  • …when the ceremony will take place
  • …whether you can choose your own venue
  • …whether you can choose your own wedding celebrant.

Wedding date

You can give notice of your intended marriage electronically on DigiD (for free). Make sure to reserve a date in the Maastricht marriage agenda first. Send an email to huwelijk [at] or call 14 043 to set a date.

*Please note

If you provide foreign documents with your notice of intended marriage, approval will take longer than 14 days. Lodge your notice at least 1 month before your marriage, particularly if one or both of you is not Dutch. 

  • You are allowed to get married if…

    • …you are at least 18 years old
    • …you are not married to someone else
    • …you are not in a civil partnership with someone else
    • …you and your partner are not in a prohibited degree of relationship. You cannot get married to your parent, grandparent, child, grandchild or (half-)sibling. However, you can get married to a third- or fourth-degree relative: an aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or cousin. You must both declare that you are voluntarily getting married.
    • …you are not under financial guardianship. Permission of your financial guardian or a sub district judge is required.