een bruidsboeket in de hand. Fotograaf Ad Utens

Getting married in Maastricht

Maastricht: many have fallen in love in the city, but many have fallen in love with it too. The beautiful historic monuments make for a fairytale-like scenery. Maastricht is also a young, bubbly and dynamic city. This unique combination makes Maastricht the perfect place for a special milestone in life: getting married.

Civil partnerships

The information and charges below also apply to civil partnerships.

Wedding ceremony at the Stadhuis or at Mosae Forum 

Our main ceremony venues are:

  • Mosae Forum
    Mosae Forum 163
    6211 DT Maastricht
  • Stadhuis (Maastricht city hall)
    Markt 78
    6211 CL Maastricht

Please click “Wedding venues Maastricht” for all venues.

Trouwambtenaren gemeente Maastricht

Civil registry officials (from left to right) Chloé Franssen, Dion Weijers, Mira Cramer and Dominique Bartels.

Photo: Ad Utens

Ready to set the date?

Mira Cramer, Chloé Franssen, Dion Weijers and Dominique Bartels will gladly help you plan your wedding or civil partnership ceremony. Preparations, procedures – we provide expert guidance.

Get in touch

Want to get in touch? Send an e-mail with your names, address, date of birth, phone and e-mail address to huwelijk [at]

een bruidsboeket in de hand. Fotograaf Ad Utens
Photo: Ad Utens