Wedding venues

This page lists our most popular wedding venues. Your ceremony can also take place in another venue. Do you have a strong connection to a certain place in the city? Or do you simply have a different venue in mind? Feel free to let us know. You can even get married or form a civil partnership in your own home.

Most popular venues

Please find a list of our most popular venues at the bottom of this page.

Alternative locations

In Maastricht you can get married wherever you would like. In addition to our list of venues, you can get married in hotels, restaurants, pubs, museums, banquet halls and bed & breakfasts. As long as you have the venue’s permission, we can plan the ceremony.

Useful information

Contact your venue of choice (except when you choose our city hall) to reserve a date. Once you have booked your venue, please contact us huwelijk [at] (by email)  to set a date in the Maastricht marriage agenda.