Antoinette Stille

Antoinette Stille

Wedding celebrant

Antoinette Stille Trouwambtenaar gemeente Maastricht

I love being able to attend your big day and being able to add something.

Celebrating love

Your wedding day should be all about celebrating your love. During our introductory meeting we will discuss your wishes and go through the entire ceremony. I will take plenty of notes of your stories, statements and experiences in the previous years.

I will incorporate all of that into a story about your love. It's your day and my goal is to showcase your love for each other as well as possible. On your wedding day, we will all be together to celebrate your love.

My ceremonies are always informal and convivial. That is, until the official moment arrives. Everyone should be aware of the fact that a wedding is not only a festive gathering, but also an official commitment.

Best compliment

One of the bridal couple’s guests once came to me after the ceremony and asked if I was a good friend of the bridal couple. He said he could clearly see that I knew the newlyweds well. I had only spoken to them once during the introductory meeting! Apparently I had described them very well and told their love story beautifully.

About me

I went from flight attendant to wedding celebrant – that's how life can go. Everything beautiful in life should be celebrated. From sweet little moments to something as beautiful as love. A couple's wedding day is an excellent moment to celebrate love. I have been a wedding celebrant for the municipality of Maastricht since February 2014. During each marriage I perform I get to 'celebrate' a little bit. My job makes me feel proud and happy. And I still get to travel with my husband and children.