Charlotte Veugen

Charlotte Veugen

Wedding celebrant

Charlotte Veugen Trouwambtenaar gemeente Maastricht

'I, as a buitengewoon ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand (babs) of the city of Maastricht, pronounce you, in the name of law, husband and wife.'

I have proudly and joyfully uttered these words more than 360 times over more than ten years. I’ve pronounced them in Dutch, Maastricht dialect, English and French. By the way, I kind of consider French to be 'my' language: I lived in France for 14 years.

Heartwarming reactions

Being a BABS… to this day I notice that not only do I still find it fascinatingly fun and challenging to marry people; the reactions of the bridal couples I marry are simply heartwarming. For example, I recently heard that my speech 'set just the right tone for the rest of the wedding day' – a great compliment. At such moments I can't help but be happy and satisfied myself, too.


If you ask me, a tailor-made approach is paramount in every wedding: getting to know you and listening to your story and personal wishes. As a BABS you have a responsible task on such an important day in the life of the future newlyweds. My speech, with characteristic events from your life, makes an important contribution to this.

My absolute best

As long as I keep feeling the butterflies in my stomach when I see what's happening in front of me in the wedding hall, I know that the motivation I described above is still there. With that motivation I will continue to carry out the beautiful assignment of marrying 2 people, and I will continue to do my absolute best to make it something wonderful, on one of the most important days in their lives.

About me

Since 2002 I have had the honour of being a wedding celebrant in my dearest city in our country: Maastricht. I can pick the best of the best with the most satisfying job a civil servant could wish for. After all, love is what gives us life. Every wedding is a new challenge, every bridal couple is different, so every ceremony is different – a wonderful source of inspiration. As long as I remain emotionally moved by a loving look that man and woman throw each other, a subtle gesture from one to the other, a wink and even a tear, I will continue to do this work with great pleasure. Work? Who calls this work…? Being a wedding celebrant is a true privilege.