Reporting lost and found items

Have you lost anything? For example a passport, driving license, wallet, keys or bag? You can report this to the municipality. Maybe someone has found your items and has it registered or deposited it at the Municipal Service Desk 

In connection with the coronavirus, our services have been adjusted. As a result, registration and processing may take longer.


Lost something?

Have you lost something? Have a look on if someone has found your items. It can take a few days for the registration to show.

Have you lost something in a public building or public transportation? Contact the administrator.

Did you loose passport or identity card? No need to report this to the police. Contact the municipality for a verklaring van vermissing (statement of loss). This way you prevent abuse.

Found something?

Lost and found items can be stored at home or handed in at the GemeenteLoket. Returning is

  • mandatory if you have found a driving licence, passport or identity card
  • advisable if you have found keys
  • possible if you prefer not to keep a found object at home
  • Lost passport or identity card?

    Passports or identity cards are by law forbidden to return to owner. To prevent identity theft deposit the passport or identity card to the Municipal Service Desk. We will register and destroy them. 

  • Driving licence or keys

    Deposit the passport or identity card to the Municipal Service Desk. To prevent abuse we will store these items in our safe. All deposited items are registered on

  • Storing at home: rights and obligations

    Are you storing a lost and found item at home? Register it at for the owner to find it. It can take a few days for the item to show on the website. You are responsible for the state of the item while in your possession. 

    The legal term to safe an item is one year. If an owner comes forth you are obliged to bring the item to the Municipal Service Desk within a week. After one year you can keep the found item. 

  • Lost or Found a bike

    Have you lost your bike or found one? Report this at
    The municipality collects orphaned bikes, bike wrecks or incorrectly parked bikes and store them in the bike depot. 

    Address bike depot:
    Sint Gerardusweg 39
    6224 LV Maastricht

    Opening hours bike depot:
    Monday from 13.00 till 17.00 
    Thursday from 15.30 till 16.30

    Please note: due to the corona measures, few people come to the bicycle depot on Gerardusweg. During the regular opening hours there is therefore no employee present. However, you can call up an employee. To do so, call the telephone number at the entrance of the bicycle depot.

    Did we take your bicycle away because it was parked incorrectly? If so, you must be able to prove that the bike is yours. This means, for example, that you must bring the bicycle key with you. Also bring your proof of identity.