Residual waste bag

Waste that you cannot separate may be put in a leftover bag. This residual bag will be collected. For low-rise buildings (houses), we collect bags once every two weeks. For high-rise buildings (flats, apartments) we collect the bags once a week.

Red and white residual bag

Residual waste should be thrown in the red and white residual bag. You can buy this at various shops. There are 25-litre and 50-litre residual bags.


Please put the leftover bag tightly tied to the street and make sure the bag is not too heavy. This way, our employees can lift the garbage bag safely and quickly and throw it in the garbage truck. 

25 litre residual bags may weigh a maximum of 3.5 kilos.
50 litre non-recyclable bags may weigh up to 7 kilos

During their collection round, our employees regularly come across residual bags that have not been tied up and have fallen over. This is unhygienic, it looks sloppy and invites vermin. You can also take residual waste to one of the environmental parks yourself.

Selling points

Consult the 'selling points' drop-down menu for an overview of shops selling the red and white Maastricht residual bags.

  • Rates 2021

    Residual waste bag 25 litres: € 11.40 per roll = 20 bags
    Residual waste bag 50 litres: € 9.80 per roll = 10 bags

  • The red and white Maastricht waste bags are for sale at various selling points:

    Shop Address Town
    Albert Heijn Brusselse Poort 45, 6216 CG Maastricht
    Albert Heijn Burgemeester Cortenstraat 8, 6226 CV Maastricht
    Albert Heijn Sint Rochusstraat 20, 6241 CD Bunde
    Albert Heijn Helmstraat 4-6, 6211 TA Maastricht
    Albert Heijn Plein 1992, 6221 JP Maastricht
    Albert Heijn Scharnerweg 110, 6224 JJ Maastricht
    Attent van Wijnbergen Kasteel Schaloenstraat 40, 6222 TP  Maastricht
    Bouwmarkt Maastricht Nijverheidsweg 40, 6227 AL Maastricht
    Cobben Glacisweg 25, 6212 BL Maastricht
    DA Drogisterij Sint Pieter Glacisweg 30 K, 6212 BP Maastricht
    Estafette Maastricht Rechtstraat 48 A, 6221 EK Maastricht
    Etos  Scharnerweg 112, 6224 JJ Maastricht
    Etos Severenplein 25, 6225 AZ Maastricht
    Etos Spilstraat 7, 6211 CN Maastricht
    Eussen Ruttensingel 160 A, 6214 SV Maastricht
    Habets Achter de Molens 21, 6211 JC Maastricht
    Hannie's Winkelke Kasteel Schaloenstraat 62 A, 6222 TP Maastricht
    Jackie Dijk-Rondagh Lage Kanaaldijk 46, 6212 AH Maastricht
    Jan Linders Rijksweg 62 A, 6228 XZ Maastricht
    Jan Linders Tongerseweg 57, 6213 GA  Maastricht
    Jumbo Rijksweg 27, 6267 AD Cadier en Keer
    Jumbo Franciscus Romanusweg 2, 6221 AE Maastricht
    Jumbo Voltastraat 7, 6224 EK  Maastricht
    Jumbo Brusselsepoort 19, 6216 CE Maastricht
    Jumbo Kuilenstraat 73, 6231 AV Meerssen 
    Jumbo Beekstraat 2, 6231 LG Meerssen
    Jumbo Mosae Forum 5-6, 6211 DV Maastricht
    Jumbo Roserije 303, 6228 DR Maastricht
    Jumbo Malbergsingel 74, 6218 AV  Maastricht
    Medireva Weerhuisweg 4, 6226 NC Maastricht
    Mosaegroep Medoclaan66, 6213 EC Maastricht
    Plus Severenplein 24A, 6225 AZ Maastricht
    Plus Clavecymbelstraat 31, 6217 CR Maastricht
    Plus Keurmeestersdreef 111 A, 6216 ED Maastricht
    Plus De Mandel 7.02, 6227 CS Maastricht
    Plus De Beente 86, 6229 AV Maastricht
    Prima Baron van Hövellstraat 69, 6221 VD Maastricht
    Ritz Maastricht Populierweg 73, 6222 CP Maastricht
    Rouwenhorst Tabakspeciaalzaak Frankenstraat 118, 6224 GS Maastricht
    Schols Patisserie Terra Cottaplein 12-14, 6216 BH Maastricht
    Schrijvers & Canisius Keurmeestersdreef 121 A, 6216 ED Maastricht
    Slagerij Wevers Herculeshof 13, 6215 BC Maastricht
    Spar Pastoor Moormanstraat 160, 6219 AX Maastricht
    Supermarkt Yildiz Plaza Holsteinbastion 49, 6217 LH Maastricht
    Us Winkelke Herbenusstraat 83, 6211 RB  Maastricht
    Van de Weerdt Rijksweg 40, 6247 AJ Gronsveld
  • On the evening before the collection day, you may put the waste bag on the street from 7 p.m. onwards. We start collecting the residual waste early. Therefore put your rubbish bags on the street no later than 06.00 on the morning of the collection day.

    Do you live in the centre of Maastricht? Then different times apply for offering your residual waste. You can put the residual bags and your GFT collection material on the street from 5 p.m. on the day of collection.  Your household waste will then be collected from 6 p.m. onwards.