Vegetable, fruit, garden and food waste

The municipality collects vegetable, fruit, garden and food waste (gfte) at home on a weekly basis. Your GFT container or bucket must be chiped for this purpose. Would you like more or fewer containers or buckets or rather a larger or smaller size GFT bin? Then you can apply online. Have you found a container or bucket or have you lost one? Or is your green bin broken? Then you can report it here.

The municipality collects vegetable, fruit, garden and food waste (gfte) at home on a weekly basis. You may therefore add a maximum of 2 bundles of pruning waste to Gfte. Use sisal rope or cotton rope to make bundles of up to 150 cm long and 50 cm in diameter. Maximum weight: 25 kilos. No tree trunks. You can bring them, just like other bulky garden waste, free of charge to one of the environmental parks.

Download the Milieu App for your personal waste calendar with alarm function and handy waste separation guide. Or take a look at your neighbourhood's waste calendar when the municipality collects your rubbish. 

Container / bucket chipping

We only empty containers and buckets with chip. So let us chip your container / bucket. You can request this online (with DigiD).

Request a container / bucket

Don't have a bucket or container or would you like an extra GFT tray? Then you can request a container online (with DigiD). You can choose a container of 25, 60 or 140 litres. 

Container / bucket broken

Is your VGF container or bucket broken? We will take care of repair or replacement. Repair or replace my broken container / bucket (with DigiD). 

Returning container / bucket or other size required

You can return your container or bucket or exchange it for another size: 25, 60 or 140 litres. Request a different size online or hand in your container (with DigiD).

Container / bucket missing or found again?

Lost your container or bucket? Or have you found it again? We will solve it. Report missing or recovered containers / buckets online (with DigiD). 

Empty container / bucket

Hasn't your container or bucket been emptied? Report it online. We do not process reports about containers that have not been emptied properly during frost. Report not emptied buckets/containers online.

  • More or less containers/buckets

    I now have 1 container/bucket and I would like 2 or more.

    Request a new or extra container/bucket by phone. Call 14 043.

    Why do I get a green bucket?

    In Maastricht, we separate vegetable, fruit, garden and food waste (gfte). We can process this into compost. That's why all addresses without a garden get a green bucket. You can put fruit, vegetable and food waste in this bucket. In this way you save residual bags. We empty the bucket for you every week. The bucket belongs to the home address. Leave the bucket in the house when you move.

    I have more containers now. I only want one. How do I arrange that?

    If you only want one container, just put one outside to chip. You can use the other container for other things or have it picked up. Online request return container (with DigiD).

    I don't want a bucket/container at all.

    In Maastricht, we separate VGF waste. Every house/apartment comes with a container/bucket. Even if you don't use it. If you move house, leave it with the house or apartment. For high-rise buildings: always collect the offered bucket for your address. Even if you do not (yet) use a gfte bucket. 

    I live with more room occupants at 1 address. But we only have 1 bucket/container. Can every resident get a bucket? 

    If you live with more people at 1 address, for example at room rental, please contact the landlord. He or she can request more buckets for you from the municipality.

  • Exchange or return container or bucket

    I've got a 25-litre bucket. Can I get a smaller bucket?

    No. For a number of reasons, containers of 25 litres or larger have been chosen. Smaller containers are easily blown away and wander through the street. For our employees, emptying smaller containers is too heavy because they have to bend very low.

    Can I get a new container/bucket?

    During chipping, we will check your container for any damage and usability. Is it rejected? Then you will receive a message in which we explain how we will replace the container. All buckets will be replaced by new buckets with a chip.

  • No container/bucket received

    Can I get a container for my company/children's farm?

    Do you want to offer gfte that is equal to household gfte? Then you can apply to the municipality for a container. You will have to pay a cleaning fee for this.

  • About the use of the chip and privacy

    Do we have to pay for emptying the gfte-container soon?

    No, we don't. The residual bag only contains household waste that cannot be reused. GFT and food waste can very well be reused by converting it into compost. That's why we want to encourage the separation of GFT. We do this by collecting it every week throughout the city. In Maastricht we also want gardens with lots of greenery. After all, a green garden creates a finer environment in which to live. 

    Why a chip?

    We want to know how often gfte is offered per address, neighbourhood and season. With that information we can make better use of our staff and our cars. We can also, for example, return a lost container more easily.

    Are checks carried out using the chip?

    Yes. If a container is outside at the wrong time or has waste other than gfte in it, we can help with tips or practical solutions.

    Will my container/bin still be emptied if there is no chip on it?

    For the time being, yes. In the future we will only empty containers with chip. More information will follow.

    What about my privacy?

    The municipality complies with the European privacy guidelines (AVG Act). This also applies to the data registered via the chips. 

    Are my personal details on the chip and how is this handled?

    The chip has a number. The municipality links that number to an address. We are working hard to comply with all AVG requirements and will soon inform you in more detail about how we process these personal details.

  • Which waste can be put in the GFT container?

    Separating waste often goes well in Maastricht. But there is always room for improvement. What about cat litter made of wood fibres, for example? GFTE or residual waste?

    Download the free Milieu App

    Download our Milieu App. It contains a handy waste separation guide that shows where you can hand it in for each type of waste. 

    No smartphone? Then consult the Milieu Centraal waste separation guide. It also indicates where you can hand in your waste.


    Prunings are an exception. For your convenience, you can also offer prunings in Maastricht bundled next to your GFTE container. You do not have to bring them to the environmental park or make them small. And your GFTE container leaves more space for other GFTE waste.

    Every week, you may offer 2 bundles of 150 cm in length and a maximum of 50 cm in diameter and a maximum of 25 kilos. Use sisal or cotton rope for bundling. No tree trunks; these can be disposed of free of charge at the environmental park.

    You may also offer branches via the Gfte-container. Make them small enough so that the container still closes and can be emptied easily.

  • Tips

    • Mortality that doesn't occur can't be a nuisance either. Therefore, try to buy in deliberately so that you do not have unnecessary Gfte waste. Did you know that every year 34 kilograms of good food is thrown away per person? You can find tips to reduce food waste on the website of MilieuCentraal.
    • Collect food waste and peels in a small container that you empty into the large VGF tray (container or bucket) every day. This way it won't stink in the house.
    • Do maggots bother you? Do not place the VGF bin in full sun. Offer the tray every collection round. Clean the tray with water and possibly soda, vinegar or green soap or clean your tray with a high-pressure sprayer. Do not use chemicals such as chlorine. They disrupt the composting process. Place the lid ajar. Climb and salt are poisonous to maggots. Freeze food residues and put them in the gfte bucket or container just before collecting them.
    • Wrap meat and fish scraps in a newspaper page or (uncoloured) kitchen paper.
    • Throw the waste into the bins as dry as possible. Leave food residues to drain in the sink.
    • If you do not use a VGF bag, a newspaper page at the bottom of the VGF bin ensures that the waste does not stick or freeze. A little paper with the VGF can't do any harm.
    • Cat litter, plastic and nappies do not belong in the bin, but with the residual waste.
    • To keep your compost bin as clean as possible, you can use special bags, e.g. bags with the seedling logo or OK-Compost logo.
  • Other questions about waste collection

    I have an allotment garden in Maastricht. How can I dispose of my VGF waste there?

    You may also place and offer your containers/buckets at your allotment garden. The container remains linked to your home address.

    How many containers or buckets may I offer at the same time?

    You may offer all your GFT containers and buckets at the same time if you wish, provided they are chiped. Is your container or bucket not yet chipped? Then you can request this online (with DigiD).

    Why is residual waste not collected in containers?

    Research has shown that municipalities with an expensive residual bag are best at separating waste. This is why Maastricht has been ranked in the top 3 of large municipalities with the least amount of residual waste for years. An expensive residual bag therefore works well to offer as little residual waste as possible and to separate waste properly.

    Other questions about waste collection? Call the free number 14 043 (reachable between 08.00 and 17.00 hours).

  • Frequently asked questions about separating gfte and pruning waste

    What is the purpose of separating gfte/takkenbundels?

    We can recycle this waste very well. From separately collected GFT and bundles of branches we make compost to improve the soil. So it provides environmental benefits, but it is also cheaper. Incinerating gfte and bundles of branches as residual waste is much more expensive than composting them. And if food waste is no longer in the leftover bag, there is no reason for birds, cats, dogs or vermin to look for food in the leftover bag on offer.

    Can't that goal simply be achieved with post-separation?

    No, gfte cannot be separated after separation because this waste is 'wet' and sticks to each other and to other waste. It is then so contaminated that it is no longer suitable for composting.

    Is separate provision of gfte obligatory?

    Yes, this is stated in the Environmental Management Act (Article 10.21, paragraph 2). It is also included in the Municipal Waste Ordinance (Articles 9.1 and 10.2).

  • Frequently asked questions about frequency of collection

    Why is Gfte collected on a weekly basis?

    This gives you the opportunity to offer GFT and food waste for recycling on a frequent basis. We hope that this will lead to better separation of GFT and therefore less GFT disappears into the leftover bag. This will enable us to convert as much GFT as possible into compost. And if there is no food left in the residual bag, stray animals and vermin will stay away from the residual bag.

    As a resident of high-rise buildings, why do I have to contribute to the extra collection for low-rise buildings?
    In the past, high-rise residents enjoyed extra service compared to low-rise residents. That is now evened out.

    Are all households collected on a weekly basis?

    Yes, the entire municipality collects gfte on a weekly basis.

    Can Gfte be collected more often, for example twice a week?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to collect even more Gftefte than every week without incurring high costs. The costs then no longer outweigh the environmental benefits.

  • Frequently asked questions about gft containers and buckets

    What sizes of GFT containers and buckets are available?

    The following sizes are available:

    • 25 litre buckets (especially suitable for high-rise or low-rise buildings with little or no garden waste)
    • 140 litre containers (especially suitable for low buildings with garden waste)
    • 60 litre containers (it is almost as big as a 140 litre container on the outside, but can only hold 60 litres on the inside).

    The municipality provides a maximum of two means of collection per household free of charge. This is normally enough for one household, especially now that we collect the gfte weekly and can also collect two bundles of branches. However, if you would like more than two collections because you have an above-average garden with a lot of garden waste, for example, you will pay a one-off fee for this. Bulky garden waste that does not fit in the Gfte container can also be taken to one of the environmental parks free of charge. 

    What are the rates if I still need more than two containers?

    If you require more than two VGF waste collection containers, these additional collection containers are not free of charge. In that case, you pay a one-time fee for those extra collection means:

    • Per 25 litre bucket: € 35.00
    • Per 140 litre container: € 45,00
    • Per 60 litre container: € 45,00
    Why are 140 litre or 60 litre containers more suitable for low-rise buildings and 25 litre buckets more suitable for high-rise buildings?

    Low-rise houses often have a garden from which garden waste is released. They therefore need a larger container volume. High-rise houses often do not have the space for a large container, so a 25 litre bucket is more convenient. On request, you can make a choice from the available types of collection means.

    Can I also get a 25 litre bucket for low-rise houses?

    Yes, you can. However, we kindly ask you, as a low-rise resident, to use a 140 or 60 litre gfte container as much as possible because we have set up our routes and manning for this. Emptying a bucket requires more work from a loader (bending and lifting).

    Why do I only get a maximum of 2 gfte-collections for free?

    Two collection tools are normally sufficient, especially now that we collect Gfte on a weekly basis and can also collect two bundles of branches. We can also use our trucks and people responsibly if we have 2 containers/buckets per household. In individual situations it can of course happen that two collection containers are insufficient. In that case you can make use of the environmental park. Or purchase extra collection means for a fee.

    As occupants of high-rise buildings (in the UvE or through the housing association) can we also qualify for another facility?

    In some cases, customisation can be provided. You can contact the Customer Contact Centre of the Municipality of Maastricht via telephone number 14 043.

  • Frequently asked questions about collection day gfte

    Why has my collection day for gfte changed?

    Because we started collecting every week and more Gfte is offered, we have looked at how we can collect as efficiently as possible. This means that we have had to change routes.

    Has only the collection day for Gfte changed?


    Where/how can I consult the collection days that apply to me?

    You can download your personal waste calendar with an alarm function via the Environment App. You have also received a personal waste calendar in your mailbox. In the Environment App you will also find your digital environmental pass, a map with all environmental platforms in the area, information about the environmental parks and recycling centres in the region and a waste separation guide that shows where you can hand in your waste for each type of waste.

    I have an allotment garden where I have a gfte-container. How does that work now?

    You can offer your chipped container weekly on the collection day of the district in question.

  • Frequently asked questions about waste levy

    How can I object to the increase in the waste levy?

    It is not possible to object to the level of the tax rates. These rates are set by the municipal council in regulations and no objection can be made to them. If you do submit an objection, the BsGW tax officer will unfortunately declare that objection inadmissible. After all, a regulation is a generally binding regulation and on the basis of Article 8:3 of the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht (Awb)) no appeal can be lodged against a decision containing a generally binding regulation. On the basis of Section 7:1 of the General Administrative Law Act (Awb), an appeal can only be lodged after an objection has been lodged. Therefore, if no appeal can be lodged, no objection can be lodged.