Subsidie ACE Retrofitting

Although local authorities are tackling climate change, a majority of buildings in North-West Europe are still energy-inefficient and in need of deep renovation. If action is not taken it will lock local authorities into a high carbon-footprint future.

By targeting condominiums, the greatest number of private owners can benefit while creating significant financial and 50-70% carbon savings. Energy Cities, guided by a strategic energy transition vision and its capacity to ensure widespread success in its network, along with 6 local authorities from 5 different countries in NWE will introduce and promote a governance arrangement that overcomes the legal, human and financial barriers of retrofitting condominiums.

CoachCopro, a free collaborative tool developed by the Paris Climate Agency (Agence Parisienne du Climat), is central to this strategy and will be improved and adapted for use in other areas. In France, this web-based platform has already successfully assisted condominium owners (demand) and building professionals (supply) through an iterative process which cultivates trust relationships and generates direct and indirect jobs (potentially 19 net jobs created per €1M investment).

S outputs

  • An owners and condominium managing structures toolkit to empower this target group, overcome their barriers and increase and accelerate the energy retrofitting of condominiums
  • An operational coaching framework to improve the building professionals’ capacity to renovate condominiums
  • A governance arrangement facilitated by local authorities linking the demand and supply sides as well as a NWE transferable ICT tool for information and project management based on CoachCopro
  • A European campaign led by Energy Cities that will involve hundreds of additional local authorities and ensure that thousands of deep retrofits are achieved 10 years after the project.
  • The project will result in 15,000 households with improved energy classification per year. 

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